Genuity​® Rootworm Manager​

ASSess. Plan. Manage. Yield.

Genuity Rootworm Manager App

Tracking rootworm pressure helps you maximize yield on your farm by making sound decisions for managing corn rootworm.

Genuity® Rootworm Manager provides a custom risk assessment based on planting history and recommended response tactics to corn rootworm pressure throughout the season.

It follows proven pest management recommendations for scouting, practicing crop rotation, utilizing dual modes of action when planting and suggesting specific insecticides based on crop type, even during chemigation.


First-Of-Its-Kind Technology

Developed by Insect Manager Technical Development Representatives, product managers and Technical Agronomists, this is the first app to provide users with valuable information related to rootworm risk and active pest management for the current season.



Season-long Recommendations

Custom Feedback
After creating a field, simply answer a series of questions related to that field. Customized results are then generated for every field entered.

Risk Management
Follow the Q&A format to generate a custom rootworm risk assessment.

Season-long Recommendations
Turn to the app at key times to find the best course of action to take against rootworm.

Risk Management

Reference Toolbox
Access this digital library for tips, guides and information.

Additional Features
The app also allows you to take custom notes, access scouting reports, share results by email and more.

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