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Silage is an important high-energy forage for livestock that can provide extra nutrients and high starch digestibility for your herd. Fit for your specific fields, Gold Country Seed silage corn products are developed to help you get the feed you need, with high-quality tonnage and high-energy content. Gold Country Seed silage corn provides the opportunity for your operation to produce more milk and/or beef per ton or more milk and/or beef per acre.

Highly Digestible Silage Products

Choose Gold Country Seed corn to help you get the most out of your silage operation. Gold Country Seed corn products are carefully selected for your specific growing environment to produce high tonnage. These products have floury-type grain that can provide a high starch digestibility within the ration.

Dual-Purpose Corn Products

Our dual-purpose products have shown to excel in silage. We continuously test our lineup to determine the best products for your livestock operation. In doing this, we collect thousands of samples to help us ensure we provide you with options that can enable you to produce the most milk per acre.

Silage Management Tips

  • Harvest silage corn between 62-68 percent moisture to help maximize forage quality and minimize storage loss.
  • Monitor crop maturity for optimum harvest timing, which is generally 5-6 weeks after full tassel.

Additional Tips


  • HDS® corn offers higher nutrient requirements. We recommend managing your silage crop with the proper fertility on your best fields.
  • Maintain a planting population in the moderate range, usually 3,000 plants per acre less than corn planted for grain use.
  • HDS products need room to stretch out and add biomass in order to excel in populations no greater than 32,000 plants per acre.

Dual-Purpose Management Tips

  • To help increase tonnage on your more productive soils, consider plant populations on the higher side of what is recommended for each product.
  • Adjust your plant populations based on your fields’ water-holding capacity and soil fertility.
  • Plant a fuller-season product to help maximize the growing season and environment, keeping in mind the effects on grain drydown and risks of early frost.

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