Evaluation of Disease Management Systems in Soybean – Sudden Death Syndrome


Trial Objective


  • Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is among the most devastating soil-borne diseases of soybean in the U.S. The disease has spread extensively and causes most of the soybean yield losses throughout the North Central Region. SDS is most severe when soybean is planted early into cool, wet soils, when heavy midsummer rains saturate the soil, and when soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is present. 
  • The objective of this study was to evaluate a system-based approach for SDS disease management supported by genetic resistance of germplasm and seed treatment options.




  • Select soybean products with varying levels of resistance to SDS were evaluated under two different Acceleron® Seed Applied Solution options:

    • STANDARD + ILeVO® 
  • Soybean products selected for this trial were classified as susceptible (S), moderately susceptible (MS), moderately resistant/moderately susceptible (MR/MS), moderately resistant (MR), or resistant (R) to SDS.

  • Fields with a history of SDS were selected for this study.

  • Plots were randomized within the trial. 

  • SDS disease ratings were taken at the R6 growth stage.  

  • Data from 2 years and a total of 11 locations with SDS symptoms were analyzed for this study, and the data shown below is the average of the 11 locations across 2 years. Most locations had mild to moderate SDS incidence and severity. 




  • Soybean products treated with Acceleron® STANDARD + ILeVO® resulted in significantly lower SDS disease incidence and severity and higher average yield compared to Acceleron STANDARD across all SDS disease classifications of products.

  • Soybean products with enhanced resistance to SDS (i.e. resistant or moderately resistant) provided an average yield advantage of 4 bu/acre over susceptible genetics and showed substantially lower SDS disease incidence and severity.


  • ILeVO® seed treatment is the first and only solution currently available for SDS and continues to provide excellent SDS control and yield protection. Depending on SDS risk for your field, pairing with the right soybean products should be considered to help maximize yield potential. 






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