Growing Together. Growing Forward.
Eleven Bayer seed brands are joining forces to launch the enhanced Channel® seed brand.

America’s Farmers

Working alongside the farmers of Minnesota, their causes are our causes. In order to make a difference in the community, Gold Country Seed partners with the America’s Farmers program, sponsored by the Bayer Fund. Here’s a list of the different initiatives we support.

      Community is the Heart of Every Acre!

      Since 2010, America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs, sponsored by Bayer Fund, have partnered with farmers to help strengthen rural nonprofits, schools and student learning by awarding more than $53 million in farming communities.

      Farmers can help by participating in three programs:

      Grow Communities


      America’s Farmers Grow Communities offers farmers the chance to enroll to win a $2,500 donation to direct toward their favorite local eligible nonprofit organization. The program has awarded more than $33 million to support local efforts to feed the hungry, purchase life-saving EMS equipment, support ag youth programs, buy school classroom resources and more. Farmers Enroll August 1st.

      Grow Rural Education


      America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education calls on farmers to nominate public school districts to compete for grants to enhance STEM education. The program has awarded over $18 million to more than 1,000 rural school districts to fund STEM projects like technology upgrades, greenhouses and laboratory equipment. Nominate a district January 1st.

      Grow Ag Leaders


      America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders awards $1,500 scholarships to high school seniors and college students pursuing ag-related fields of study. Every student application requires two farmer endorsements. Students Apply November 15th

      To learn more about the America’s Farmers programs, visit or download the PDF. Throughout the year, The Bayer Fund strives to help farmers lift up their communities through the America’s Farmers programs.

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