The Tonnage You Need.
The Quality You Expect.

Fit for your specific fields, Gold Country Seed silage corn products are developed to help you get the feed you need, with high-quality tonnage and high-energy content. 

Learn more about SilageSmart and explore our products by relative maturity or trait below.​​

Gold Country Seed Silage BrandsTraitRelative MaturityGDUs to Mid-pollinationYieldNDFD 30 HR % of NDF% StarchCorn Silage Milk/AcreIVSD 7 HR (4MM) % StarchPlant Height
92-13RSS Brand BlendSSRIB92122535234M
92-13R2P Brand BlendVT2PRIB92122535234M
92-13R BrandRR292122535234M
92-13 BrandCONV92122535234M
89-09R BrandRR28912003543-T
89-09RSS Brand BlendSSRIB8912003543-T
HDS76-26RSS Brand---32422-
HDS45-15R Brand---13611-
95-33R3P Brand BlendVT3PRIB9512303232-M
95-33R2P Brand BlendVT2PRIB9512303232-M
108-91RSS Brand BlendSSRIB108134032235M-T
108-91R2P Brand BlendVT2PRIB108134032235M-T
105-49RSS Brand BlendSSRIB105131943544M-T
102-88RSS Brand BlendSSRIB102129832334M
102-88R2P Brand BlendVT2PRIB102129832334M
102-88 BrandCONV102129832334M
102-07RSS Brand BlendSSRIB102129833242M
102-07DR2P Brand BlendDGVT2PRIB102129833242M
101-99RSS Brand BlendSSRIB10412604444-M-T
HDS76-50R3P Brand Blend Brand BlendVT3PRIB10613102233-T
HDS75-75R3P Brand Blend Brand BlendVT3PRIB9612652333-T
HDS75-25R3P Brand Blend Brand BlendVT3PRIB9312302333-T
HDS36R22 Brand BrandRR210212902233-T
HDS3098QRR Brand BrandRR29912802332-T
HDS2582 Brand Brand-9912802332-T