About Us

Gold Country Seed is different. Throughout the season, the Gold Country Seed team will do our best so you can do your best. It’s our promise to bring you value through seed, service and satisfaction.

For more than 20 years, the Gold Standard has defined what we value and how we act – because living our commitment to excellence matters.

Excellence in Seed

When a delivery arrives from Gold Country Seed, farmers get a product that was carefully selected to get them the best results possible. We back our seed products with knowledge of Minnesota and the most extensive research and development in the industry.

Excellence in Service

It’s our responsibility to provide farmers with the resources needed to run the most successful operation possible. That’s why we build relationships on a strong foundation of legendary service, where things like personal attention, actionable information and proactive recommendations are valued.

Excellence in Satisfaction

We are dedicated to a farmer’s satisfaction on a different level, where expectations are far surpassed, where we redefine what being the best can mean.

Contact us to experience the Gold Standard or start exploring our products. ​​