Soybean Planting Recommendations

Iowa and Southern Minnesota – Regardless of row width, harvest plant populations as low as 100,000 plants per acre in Iowa and 110,000 plants per acre in Southern Minnesota have resulted in optimum yields. Typically, a 20-25% stand loss can be expected from planting through harvest. Therefore, under normal planting conditions, 150,000 seeds per acre should be an adequate seeding rate. 

Red River Valley – Higher plant populations of 165,000 to 200,000 seeds per acre at planting are preferred in the Red River Valley, where the growing season is shorter 

Soybean Planting Chart


Soybean Plant Density

Maximize your yield and profit potential by choosing the right seeding rate for your conditions. Use the following chart and a ruler to help estimate soybean plant density on your field.

SoybeanPlantDensityChart_2012.jpgSource: Iowa State University

Soybean Packaging

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